The Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science and the Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation of Crop Science of our university were successfully selected into the Overseas Expertise Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation of Colleges and Universities in 2017 and in 2018 respectively, which makes our university become the only Sichuan provincial university with the honour of two “111 Projects”, and promotes the rapid development of Crop Science and Animal Husbandry which are regarded as the double-class construction discipline and supporting discipline.


In the past five years, a total of 37 overseas expertise introduction projects of our university have been approved and funded by the State or Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau as well as the Ministry of Education, with a total funding of 3.674 million yuan. A total of 42 long-term foreign experts have been employed, and a total of 600 short-term visiting foreign experts have come to our university to carry out academic lectures, scientific research guidance, and exchange and cooperation, among which 123 foreign experts have been invited through overseas expertise introduction projects.


At present, our university has 13 international cooperation platforms, including the "belt and road" agricultural research center, the Middle East Modern Agricultural Research Center, and so on. As one of the first 200 universities that are qualified to accept international students, our university has established exchange and cooperation relations and signed cooperation agreements with 90 universities and research institutes in 22 countries and regions, such as the United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Australia and Japan, and so on.



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