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If     you are interested in long   term ( three months and more) work   in our   university and meet the following  condition

If     you intend to apply for the professional teacher position

Less than     63 years old

Have     obtained the relevant professional doctoral degree

More than     3 years related teaching and research experience

Can     be proficient in English teaching

If you     intend to apply for the language teacher position

Less than     63 years old

Engaged in     the teaching of your mother tongue Mandarin

Have     obtained the bachelor degree or above

More     than 2 years of language teaching experience

Please send your CV to

If   your qualifications meet the requirements   of college ( institute ) , HR  department, and school, you will be     informed to participate the   interview organized by school.


If you   has passed the interview, HR department will sign the employment contract     with you on behalf of school.

Fill   in the 《国()外专家聘用登记表》(Employment  Registration   for Foreign Experts and  Experts from Hongkong,   Macau, and Taiwan  )

International  Office   of  Exchange and Cooperation ( IOEC ) will  apply for the work     permit notification   for you to  apply for the Z type visa

Change your   Z type visa into the residence permit after coming school


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