A Letter to All Overseas International Students of Sichuan Agricultural University

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Dear students,

It has been more than a year sinceyouleft the campus. No matter where you are at the moment, the life safety and physical and mental health of our students are always the deepest concern of SAU.Since the outbreak of the epidemic,youhave fully cooperated with the school's epidemic prevention regulations and timelygavefeedbacks aboutyour personalsituation.Wewould like to expressourheartfelt thanks for your understanding and support.Up to now, the global epidemic situation remains grave. We hope that you and your families can stay healthy and work together to meet the challenges of this epidemic. Here, we appeal to all students to cooperate actively and continue to do a good job in the following work:

1.Please pay close attention to and learn the epidemic information released by your national and regional governments and public health management agencies, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and requirements, and actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control measures.

2.Maintain good hygiene habits, wash hands frequently and ventilate frequently; reduce outdoor activities and avoid gatherings. If you have to go out, you shall wear a mask correctly and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes with your hands outside; cover your mouth and nose with elbows when sneezing or coughing.

3.Have a regular routine, exercise appropriately, get enough sleep and eat reasonably, so as to improve your body's resistance to diseases. If fever, cough and other abnormal conditions occur, get medical treatment in time.

4.Please continue to respond to the call of "no suspensionof classes", actively communicate with the course-instructors,head teachers, supervisors andclass commissionmembers,takeonlinecourseson time, and complete assignments in time. Some courses that cannot be taught online at present, such as experimental classes, will be arranged make-up classes afteryoureturning to school.

We look forward to the end of the epidemic as soon as possible and be reunited withyouon campus. Thank you for your understanding and support!



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