Notice on Strict Control of Campus Access Management during the Epidemic Period

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Dear students,

    In order to ensure the safety and stability of the campus,according to the changing situation of COVID-19 's epidemic,the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements of the school are notified as follows:

    1. All students must carry out health monitoring and management in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, sign in at"Weiguan Chuannong" mini program before 15:00 every day, and truthfully report personal temperature, health status, Tianfu health code color and other information; and upload Tianfu health code and communication itinerary code in the wechat mini program.

    2. From now on, Chengdu campus has been under the implementation of closed management, students shall not leave the school unless necessary. Students who have to leave school must go through the leave procedures according to the following requirements. After approval by the relevant departments and reporting to the International Student Office (hereinafter referred to as ISO), you may enter or leave the campus with the access code.

     (1) If there is a need to go out under special circumstances,undergraduates must ask for leave from the Party Committee Office of the College and go through the relevant procedures, students with approval shall come in and out of the campus with the "Student Leave Pass" (valid only with seal).Graduate students can apply for leave codes in Wechat Mini Programof "Weiguan Chuannong", with a maximum of 2 hours at a time and a maximum of 2 applications per day.

     (2) Students living off-campus shall stop entering the school, and undergraduates living off-campus shall take online courses at home.Graduate students living off-campus who must enter the school due to experiments or other reasons, after approved by the supervisor and examined by the college,may apply for the "Off-campus Accommodation Management Access Card"issued by the college,and enter and leave the campus with the pink card.

    (3) All students must pay attention to personal protection, wear masks wherever you go, simplify the itinerary as far as possible and avoid gathering with students from other universities to minimize the risk.

    3. Maintain a safe social distance, and wear masks in public places such as canteens, libraries, classrooms, campus supermarkets, dormitories and so on. If your health code changes to red or yellow, or if you have a feeling of abnormal health (fever (body temperature above 37.3C), cough, vomiting, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, etc.), you should report to the college and ISO immediately.

   4. All students must strictly abide by the relevant regulations on the prevention and control of COVID-19 's epidemic situation, and those who violate the regulations, such as concealing personal information, leaving school without approval, failing to return to school beyond the time of asking for leave, or fabricating lies to ask for leave, shall be given disciplinary action in accordance with the applicable explanation of the punishment provisions of the Student Affairs Office of Sichuan Agricultural University on "Discipline of Students Violating Epidemic Prevention and Control ".


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