Notice on Arrangements of Summer Vacation, Moving dormitory and “Hot Water into Room” on Chengdu Campus

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Dear all,

According to the arrangements of our university, the summer vacation is from 2023.7.1 to 2023.9.1. In order to fully guarantee your safety during the vacation, pleaseread the following notes carefully andfill the form below.

1. According to the arrangement of the university, international students living in Chengdu campus will be moved to other apartments in the university at the end of August, and the specific dormitory arrangement will be announced in August. Students who need to leave school during the summer vacation, please take all valuables with you andpack all other itemsin the dormitory, and entrusts your friend to help you keep and move out from the dorm to avoid loss of items. Students who will stay on campus during the summer vacation please follow school’s unified arrangements to move in an orderly manner. We will announce the specific arrangements in the Wechat group in time. Please pay attention to it.

2. “Hot water into Room”Construction

(1)Date & Time: June 20 - August 27, 8am-12:20pm, 2:20pm-9:00pm daily

(2)Location: Apartment 1-11 on Chengdu campus

(3)Content: indoor and outdoor hot water pipe installation, etc.

(4)Matter need attention:

①According to the construction phase tasks and actual progress, the specific construction arrangements of the fragmented areas and buildings will be announced in advance. School will increase the number of self-study rooms in the teaching building and appropriately extend the opening hours of the library during this time. Due to the design of the air source unit and the installation of the thermal insulation water tank, students will be timely adjusted to take a bath in the public bathroom, please pay attention to the information in real time.

②Dust and noise will inevitably occur during construction. Please understand, support and cooperate with usduring the construction period. The relevant departments of the school will increase the frequency of patrol inspections, and please pay attention to personal safety and property safety during this time.

3. During the construction of the "Hot Water toRoom" project, construction operations such as optical network transformation, dormitory renovation and monitoring equipment installation will be carried out synchronously, including but not limited to Chengdu campus.

4. The on-site construction will inevitably have a certain impact on the order of life in the dormitory area, and it is recommended that "Do not live on campus during the vacation unless you have to" during the summer vacation. For students who really need to stay, please inform your head teacher/ supervisor and ISO if you need to live off campus or leaver school area during summer vacation in advance.

5. During the vacation,please strictly abide by China's laws andschool arrangementsto ensureyourown safety.

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