The 2nd School International Education Exhibition is Held

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    In order to facilitate the training of international talents under the background of “Double First-Class” construction of our school, to further promote “Students Going Abroad (Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan) Plan”, to provide students with more high-quality overseas study resources, and to further increase the rate of students going abroad, the Second School International Education Exhibition of Sichuan Agricultural University, which is sponsored by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and co-organized by New Oriental Vision Overseas, was recently held in Chengdu campus.


    The exhibition site is divided into multiple functional areas. Students can face the representatives of foreign colleges and universities in the college representative consultation area to obtain the first-hand information on the enrollment and admission of overseas colleges and universities,can get the overseas study plans tailored by professional teachers in theoverseas study planning areas, and also can understand the latest rules and information of the examination in the IELTS/TOEFL consultation area. At the same time, The minor languages consultation area provides consulting services for students who plan to study in minor languages countries. The abundance of the latest information and services have been highly praisedby the students.

    Three overseas study lectures were held on the same day, including the sharing named What kind of Students are MoreFavored by theAdmissions Officer by the representatives of Northeastern University and the National University of Singapore, the Overseas Study Sharing Lecture brought by the formeroverseas study planner of New Oriental, and the IELTS First Lesson taughtby the IELTS teacher of New Oriental. In addition, five warm-upoverseas study lectures for the major of business, landscape architecture, environment, food science, architecture and urban and rural planning were also held in October, aiming to provide students with more targeted overseas study information according tothe characteristics of different majors, which received a warm response.


    It is reported that the School International Education Exhibition invited representatives from overseas universities such as the National University of Singapore, the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the University of Bristol in the UK, Macquarie University in Australia, Northeastern University in the United States and other overseas institutions to come to the event to communicate face-to-face with the students,discussthe changes of admission policies, and analyse the advantageous majors and application requirements ofdifferent overseas universities and colleges. The teachers also gave corresponding feedback and suggestions according to the students' communication and performance,so as to make the students more clear about the direction of future efforts. Comprehensive and professional overseas study consultations and guidance allow students to directly talk to world-renowned universitiesand colleges without leaving school and to expand their international horizons. At the same time, it also makes students to realize their potential, enhance their confidence, and plan their future with a broader mindset.

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