The 2021 Opening Ceremony and Entrance Education of the Chinese and Foreign High-level University Students Exchange Program and Sino-Australian Joint Degree Program were Successfully Held

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On October 27th, the opening ceremony and entrance education of the 2021 Chinese and foreign high-level university students exchange program and Sino-Australia joint degree program of Sichuan Agricultural University (here in after referred to as the "Sino-Australian Joint Degree Program") wereheld in the concert hall in Chengdu campus in the form of a combination of online and offline.

More than 200 people attended the ceremony, including:Kewei Du, the Director of China Center for International People-to-People Exchange (CCIPE), Weifeng Hu,the Inspector of the Education Department of Sichuan Province, Lasha Wang, Executive Deputy Directoro f Sichuan Education Exchange Center,Yanli Lu, the Vice President of SAU,Rongyu Li,Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UQ, Sean Brawley, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University,representatives of three universities, all the students ofthis programand representatives of their parents.

Yanli Lu welcomed the new students of the program and thanked all parties for their efforts to promote and implement theprogram for their sincere cooperation.Rongyu Li introduced the relevant courses of UQ and said that they would provide high-quality courses and services for students studying in UQ. Sean Brawley expressed that MQ has attached great importance to cooperating with SAU, and expressed a highly responsible attitude towardsthe quality of the courses and learning experience. Representatives of teachers from China and Australia, freshmen and their parents spoke successively.

Entrance education is held after the opening ceremony. Heads of the functional departments including Student’s Affairs Office, Admission and Employment Office, Academic Affairs Officeand related collegesof SAU explained the management policies and systems based on the students’ needs, so as to help them better adapt to and plan theirs tudy and life.

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