Recruitment Announcement of Long-Term Foreign Experts in Sichuan Agricultural University

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In order to further promote the process of internationalization of the university, introduce high-level foreign talents, and build a high-level international contingent of teachers, according to the Administrative Regulations on Foreign Experts, it is planned to openly recruit long-term foreign experts for a long time from all over the world (continuously working at the university for more than 90 days). The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1. University Introduction

Brief Introduction in English:

2. Recruitment Positions and Contact Information

For details, please refer to Disciplines and Contact Information of Recruitment of Long-term Foreign Experts (Annex 1).

3. Recruitment Requirements

(1) Basic Requirements

a.Be friendly to China, respect Chinese customs, and abide by both the current laws and regulations of our country and the rules and regulations of our university.

b.Willing to cooperate with us,with high business level,and meet needs of the university.

c.No legal dispute, no criminal record, no academic misconduct record, and no bad integrity record.

d.No more than 65years of age in principle with healthy body and mind. For those who have outstanding academic standards and internationally recognized outstanding achievements, the age limit can be relaxed appropriately.

(2) Position Requirements

a. Professional Type Experts (refer to experts who teach professional courses or conduct the scientific research in professional fields): shall, in principle, be outstanding personnel who have obtained doctoral degrees or are the outbound post doctors (graduates of domestic universities and scientific research institutes shall obtain postgraduate qualifications at the same time) from world-renowned universities and scientific research institutes, meet the disciplinary development directions and position needs of the university, and have strong teaching and scientific research abilities and academic development potentials. Or, shall be the experts who have professional and technical positions of associate professors and above or other equivalent positions in famous foreign universities and scientific research institutes, as well as have made innovative achievements recognized by peers or important achievements recognized internationally in his field.

b. Linguistic Type Experts (refer to experts who teach language courses):shall, in principle, be the experts who are engaged in the teaching of their native languages, obtain the bachelor degreesor above,and have at least 2 years of working experiencesin language teaching.

4. Recruitment Process

(1) Foreign applicants who meet the requirements and intend to apply shall accurately fill in the Application Form for Employment of Long-term Foreign Experts(Filled by Foreign Experts)(Annex 2) and send it to the mail boxes of contact person of the employing colleges/institutes.

(2) Employing colleges/institutes conduct qualification examinations and interviews on the applicants.

(3) Employing colleges/institutes shall submit the Annex 2 and the Application Form for Employment of Long-term Foreign Experts (Filled by colleges/institute)(Annex 3) of applicants who have passed the qualification examinations and interviews to theInternational Office of Exchange and Cooperation.

(4) The universityc onduct interviews on the applicants who have passed the qualification examinations and interviews according to the actual situation.

(5)  Applicants who have passed the interviews and the examinations of the university can register and start work formally.

5. Wages and Benefits

According to the academic backgrounds of the applicants, based on the disciplinary and professional development needs, combined with the matching degree of applicants and positions, the university will comprehensively analyze and determine their position grades,and the applicants will get the corresponding wages and benefits according to the relevant policies of the university.

6. Relevant Instructions

(1)T his recruitment announcement is applicable to experts from Hong Kong, Macao,and Taiwan.

(2) For high-level foreign experts who are in urgent needs of disciplines and professional constructions or who are particularly excellent, they can adopt "one case, one discussion" or "one person, one policy" to organize interview in time.

(3) All the information provided by the applicants must be true and accurate. If there is any discrepancy or fraud or academic misconduct, the qualification for registration or employment will be disqualified.

7. Contact Information

Department of International Exchange and Cooperation: Ms. Murong, 86-28-86290055

Department of Human Resources :Ms. Zhao, 86-835-2882226

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